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We Create Minecraft

10 years of experience with award-winning builders from across the globe. 1UP Builders have won a variety of awards for beautiful worlds created by our client's vast imagination.

1UP Nova Service: Minecraft



We Create Sandbox

As Web3 took off we started looking for the best SandBox programmers to create some of the most unique experiences in the metaverse.

1UP Nova Service: Sandbox



We Create AfterLands

Using our metaverse engine we can build one of kind worlds that will give your users hours of entertainment, social interactions, and the ability to create play-to-earn systems using your own utility tokens.

1UP Nova Service: AfterLands



We Create Videos

1UP Nova's team has created some of the most viral content to date, from advertisement commercials to short films and animations. Our team consists of award-winning directors, producers, animators, and editors.

1UP Nova Service: Videos



We Create Websites

The most important aspect of an effective experience is the design of your website. When properly executed, the UI/UX will create an effortless and enjoyable experience for your users. In turn, this will facilitate increased conversion rates, leading to sustained growth and results.

1UP Nova Service: Websites



We Create Brands

Your brand identity should reflect your company’s goals, culture, and values. It should instill trust and confidence to your consumer. Our team thrives in the design process of brand building. Your brand will resonate with your audience and position your business for success on all platforms.

1UP Nova Service: Branding

We are crafting our own Metaverse experience

1UP Nova has become a leader in Metaverse design and
development by releasing never before seen experiences
with an unmatched level of detail.

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